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I've been releasing gaming videos and let's plays for years and while I've always done it as a passion, I may need to quit making videos entirely so that I can prioritize paying my bills instead. I'm looking into all of my possible options, but if you want to directly support me and my channel and help me continue creating videos--and get some awesome perks and exclusive goodies in return--then this is for you!

With your support, I'd like to:

Keep making daily video content, and more of it. Stream more often and more consistently.

Spend more time with viewers, in game and at public events.

Plan regular events to participate in with viewers!

Get direct input and provide positive spaces to interact with viewers!

Design and commission unique merchandise and swag! & Fund some new and exciting projects that I've always wanted to do but just couldn't justify the time or cost for!

I absolutely don't expect everyone to be able to or even want to support me in this way, and that's totally fine!

There are plenty of other ways you can help support me and the channel--many that don't involve money at all--and I've listed a few of them over here:

Thanks for your consideration!

❤ Phedran ❤

 My Patrons

What started from a the first Patreon Stream live on Twitch on our very first new Minecraft Vanilla Server, an ever growing group has formed an awesome and supportive community, not only for me personally but for each other.

Not just about being creative and having fun on a server but true friendships have formed over time, supporting each others trials and tribulations in life, it reallyis incredible and can sometimes be overwhelming for me as I've watching it grow.

Through my Patreon Campaign from $5/month you gain access to our Mumble (Voice Chat Server) and our Vanilla Minecraft Server, currently sponsored by

We've also played Modded Minecraft, Hypixel, Multiplayer Indie Games, UHC,watched online movies together, and some of my Patrons have been testing, building and supporting me during the creation of the up and coming LIfe in the Woods Mod Pack that is soon to launch.

For those who wish to pay a few more $'s, through my Patreon I post out large sized Post Card Prints of my Monthly Artwork Comissions.

New Vanilla Server Gallery

Pictures by @TaliyahMC @xXryuskiXx @ampinstein

"There's something really satisfying about being in such a unified community that we're essentially family. You don't find that often."

Support Phedran through Patreon and join the Phederation Become a Patron and join the Phederation through my Patreon Campaign

Admin - Edit: "..if you've read this far, you've got to know by now joining this community is something more than just a little special. Phedran is inspiring, dedicated, driven and compassionate towards her community and supporters. If you think you can, or feel that you want to be part of one of the most incredible online communites on this planet, then, you know where to click"

Phedran's Gallery Previews of my monthly Patron art

pix pix pix pix pix pix

About Overview Indie-focused Youtuber & Twitch Streamer

A passion for roguelikes and adventure!
Game coverage matchmaker for developers and content creators alike.

I am also the Life in the Woods modpack creator.

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