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Welcome to my Website (Phedran.com)

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Hey there,

My name’s Phedran, that’s what most people know me as on the internet. I've been making and releasing YouTube videos about indie games and Minecraft nearly daily for the last three years. I started out making videos as an escape, but now I've got a wonderfully positive and supportive Patreon community and I try my best to help people relax, chill out or give them a laugh.

My videos focus mostly on Minecraft and Indie roguelikes. I play a huge variety of games and just stick with what makes me happy and what I enjoy. My videos and my Twitch Streams are about having fun, relaxing, and hanging out with my friends and viewers. I spend a lot of my time playing and hanging out with my Patrons, so if you're interested in participating in my Minecraft Vanilla and Modded servers, Minecraft mini-game or other game nights, mumble chats, livestreams, and community events, please check out my Patreon Campaign!

You can also find me playing Speedrunners with CoestarNecomi and AvidyaZEN.

I am also the modpack creator for Life in the Woods


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Latest News & Updates

Phedran News Updates

Here you will find all the latest news and updates of what's happening, where, when, and if I'm attending something.......

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Phedran's Gallery Previews of my monthly Patron art

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About Phedran Indie-focused Youtuber & Twitch Streamer

A passion for roguelikes and adventure!
Game coverage matchmaker for developers and content creators alike.

I am also the Life in the Woods modpack creator.

Contact me / Write to meTwitter @Phedran

E-mail: phedran@phedran.com